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JAMMS (Jamaica Music Society) is a Collecting Society/Licensing Agency'.

JAMMS was incorporated in 2006 and is a private, non-profit organization established under the Copyright Act of Jamaica, to administer the intellectual property rights granted to 'Record Producers', i.e owners of the master sound recordings.

The role of JAMMS' is to manage the broadcasting and public performance rights of its members, through its role as a 'licensing agency/collecting society. This involves the granting of licences to music users, including, radio broadcasters, television broadcasters, webcasters, cable operators, clubs operators, restaurants, gyms, party organizers, show promoters etc. This means, all persons or entities that broadcasts or publicly performs sound recordings as part of their activities, requires a JAMMS licence. JAMMS' role extends, to the collection and distribution of royalties, to its members, on account of royalties paid over from the various music users.

JAMMS was established with the collaboration of the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica (RIAJam), among other local interests, and has been constituted to represent both local record producers/labels as well as international recording companies/labels. The organization has a large local membership, ranging from small Record Producers to the very large seminal Producers. It also represents the repertoire of major international recording companies/labels specifically the 'majors', SONYBMG, UNIVERSAL, WARNER MUSIC and EMI.

JAMMS has also brokered reciprocal agreements with foreign collecting societies in various territories, including Holland, Germany and France.

JAMMS' mandate is complementary to other music related collecting societies in Jamaica. That is, it administers a similar set of rights (broadcasting and public performance rights) however, it does so on behalf of a different group of right holders, namely Record Producers.

As a collecting society/licensing agency we are the essential link between Record Users and Record Owners. We control the copyright in the public performance and broadcasting of sound recordings on behalf of record labels/companies.

JAMMS is a part of the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), and also an Associate Member of Caribbean Copyright Link (CCL).

JAMMS Board of Directors

Chairman: Haldane Browne Directors: Cleveland Browne, Stanford Cocking, Delroy Hines, Richard Browne, Thomas Cowan, Pamela Hall & International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), Latin America Company Secretary: D. Daley Manager: E. M. Mullings

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