Record Labels/Record Producers must own at least three (3) commercially released sound recordings, to be eligible to apply for membership

The following requirements must also be satisfied. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  1. Certificate of Business Name Registration or Certificate of Incorporation
  2. One (1) passport size photograph
  3. Copy of a National ID e.g. Driver’s License, Passport, Voter’s ID
  4. Copy of TRN Card
  5. If recordings were released in physical format, that is, on CD, then submit **Two (2) original copies of the CD.
  6. If recordings are released in digital format only, then provide a CD (with track listing), along with a printout of the ‘buy page’ from an online retailer where the recordings can be purchased e.g from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc.
  7. Copies of contracts/agreements that can support your claim of ownership to the ‘master rights’ in the sound recordings.

  8. * One copy of each submission will be deposited to the National Library of Jamaica on behalf of the Producer.

Once you have provided the above, you will complete and sign the following application documents:

  1. JAMMS - Producer Application Form
  2. JAMMS - Notification of Recordings Form
  3. JAMMS - Membership Agreement Form
  4. JAMMS – Overseas Mandate

Completed forms are to be returned to:

    General Manager
    7 Stanton Terrace
    Building # 2
    Kingston 6
    Jamaica, W.I.

Application for Membership and Membership in JAMMS, are free of cost.

Applicants will be advised of the status of their application in writing, by email (where one is provided) or by postal mail.

To find out more about membership Download Our Brochure.